Is the Wristwatch Era Dead?

Is the Wristwatch Era Dead?

Who doesn’t love watches? They are fashionable, tell the time and in some cases even status symbols. A number of people say the wristwatch era is over because cell phones tell us the time but with the many benefits of a wristwatch telling the time is simply just one function. We don’t think the watches era is over at all, in fact with technology comes new ideas and Innovations. These are the reasons why we know that wristwatches are here to stay!

They are Worn as a Fashion Accessory

Men as compared to women are a lot more conservative in terms of style so men’s accessories are pretty few. Men’s watches are a major fashion accessory for a lot of men. An outfit is most times not complete without that Swatch watch or CK watch. Fashion will keep wrist watches for their aesthetic appeal and not necessarily that time telling function.

New Technology Watches

Watches have also moved with the times. They were not left behind with the discovery of new technology. These days we have smart watches made by phone companies that are sold along with their phones. So in essence the watch industry has even got a new area of producers. How cool is that? There are also fitness watches that check your heart rate, count your steps etc., to keep you fit. These are all new additions to the traditional watches and are getting more popular by the day!

Status Symbol

There are some unique watches that tell stories because of their value. The major luxury wristwatch companies still exist with even a few new ones. They are still in business because their watches are not just watches; they are a symbol of a high status. An expensive rare Rolex will forever be a piece many men yearn to have! For all these reasons we know watches are here to stay and for a very long time too!

What watch are you wearing?

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